How to Have a Happier Monday

Get up early enough to have time for a nice cup of coffee and a good breakfast.
Listen to your favourite tunes on the way to the office…

Now you have to survive the day at work ;)
...Phew, you made it!

Now grab a few girlfriends…
And head to town.

It’s cocktail time!

Start off with the Sex on the Beach...
And catch up on alllll the gossip.

Move on to the delicious Tequila Sunrise. Mmm, the winner!
Why not head to the dance floor? Serious mood booster!

Finish the evening with the Caipirinha...
Silly selfies mandatory!
Realise it’s gotten sooo late and run home like a Cinderella ;)

Repeat on any day you want.


Currently Loving

First of all, it's Friday! Finally.
I am loving the fact that the summer is over. Yes, some people don't like summer (gasp!) and terrible heeeaaat. Also, I'll be in London in a few weeks and starting uni in September! So excited!

Here are some lovely stuff I am currently loving...


These cats that look like pin up girls! 
Naww I want a kitten! 
What are you currently loving? xo




Listening to... good ol' rock.

Watching... Misfits! One of the weirdest series ever (I love it, obviously lol)

Eating... lots of salads.

Drinking... coffee, even more than usually. Which is A LOT.

Wearing... all black.

Feeling... excited and (very) anxious, moving to London next month!

Wanting... to start travelling again. Having a very bad case of wanderlust.

Thinking... about near future...

Enjoying... few glasses of white wine and home made ice cream.

And... finally spending some time quality time with this pretty lady and her baby girl!

What have you been up to? xo


Style Lust List

//1. This is the PERFECT little black dress for a sexy party look. Figure and curve flattering!

//2. I've spent 15 minutes oohing and ahing over this beautiful piece. Statement necklaces are my favourite!

//3. Nude heels are a must-have now and these sandals are simply gorgeous.

//4. I've been looking for a bag for the last two months (I'm picky!) and I guess this is the one. Big enough to fit all the important stuff and elegant.

//5. This top is so simple, yet so nice. Loving the peach colour.

What are you currently lusting after? xo


My Month In Instagram - July

// Spending holiday with the family and pups // hanging out with this cute baby girl // spoiling the family and making pizzas // eating favourite sushi at work //

Hope July was good to you! xo

My Ultimate Bucket List

Because you only live once…
  • Run my own business
  • Study in London (09/2014)
  • Get a kitten
  • Learn to speak Spanish fluently
  • Go on a road trip
  • Move to London
  • Get a dream job
  • Live in Spain (3 months in 2011)
  • Own a house
  • Get married outdoors (and never divorce ;))
  • Go scuba diving
  • Be someone’s mentor
  • Achieve my ideal weight
  • Visit all seven continents
  • Watch Manchester United’s match live
  • Kiss under the Eiffel Tower
  • Resign from a job I don’t like
  • Learn to cook like a pro
  • Have lunch in NYC
  • See the Stereophonics live
  • Quit sugar
  • Pierce my nose (2013)
  • Go to Santorini, Greece with my man
  • Get inked
  • Treat my parents to a trip for two
  • ...